Firmware V0130-0177 is available for download.

What's new:

Updated Features:
  • Improved performance and bug fixes
  • H.265/HEVC Live Streaming (with KA-EN200)
  • Back up REC to SSD (with KA-MC100)
  • Broadcast Overlay Graphic
  • Additional MPEG2(MOV,MXF) in HD+Web Record format
  • Support for RM-LP250S/M Remote Controls
  • Menu Screen on View Remote Contol
  • Infrared shooting assigned to user button

  • How to display Version (Camera):
    1. Press MENU and scroll up to System. Press ENTER.
    2. Scroll up to System Information. Press ENTER
    3. Make note of the Version (Camera) and enter in the field below.

    Please specify the version numbers for the following as shown on your setup screen (or '0000' for D-ILA projectors).


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