Latest firmware version is 0420-0278

New Features Added:

  • Support for Canon HJ40x10b
  • Added SRT Adaptive bit rate
  • Added SRT PCR Fast mode
  • Added SRT Return Over IP

  • Features Previously Added:
  • 1280x720 60p 6Mbps recording for HD+Web mode
  • Stream ID and FEC for SRT protocol
  • Embedded VITC TC in stream for multi-camera synchronization
  • RTMPS for Facebook
  • Optional "Field" setting for improved 60i compatibility with Haivision Makito decoders
  • Overlay Recording On or Off Option to record media. (Overlay Settings > Output > Recording > On/Off)
  • Recording to SSD with KA-MC100 + SSD media
  • Recording to SSD with Apple ProRes422
  • Recording to SSD at Backup mode
  • HEVC/H.265 Live Streaming using KA-EN200
  • Supported SRT protocol (needs update to change)
  • Broadcast Overlay Graphic
  • Menu screen displayed on View remote control
  • Supported NTP (Network Time Protocol)
  • Embedded audio on SDI output via EVF terminal

  • To display firmware version, click on MENU > SYSTEM > SYSTEM INFORMATION > Version:

    Please specify the version numbers for the following as shown on your setup screen (or '0000' for D-ILA projectors).


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